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My Step-son
Tyler just loves to screw with his new step-mom Nina Elle. His Dad has been dating her for ages, and they never really got along, but he knows just how to fuck with her. No pun intended. When he shows up to the Spa where she works asking for a massage, she's the only one there to give it, and promises there will be no happy ending! Like a good son he agrees, but things heat up quickly when she sees him in the buck and can't keep from watching him. He gets a big boner and she can't resist not playing with it. Trying to stay professional she leads him to the bath. Not long after she finds herself wanting him even more. When he complains about her bra hurting him, she finally lets loose her beautiful tits and before long they're fucking like they've been dreaming about this for years!
Her Wandering Hands
Aaliyah Love's dad recently married a new woman, Cherie Deville. As old as she is her dad is still the old protective stiff he's always been. He hopes that her new step-mom will be welcomed graciously by his daughter, and that they can get along like friends, but Aaliyah has other plans. Aaliyah's plan starts with a massage, but it goes much further. Soon, she has Cherie slipping out of her cute dress, and before long she has a firm grip on Cherie's round ass. Aaliyah purposefully gets an oil stain on her shirt so she can take it off, in order to slide her naked body against her new mommy's oily back. Cherie clearly enjoys the rubbing Aaliyah gives her pussy, but makes sure to point out that it's inappropriate to get fresh! Of course that's exactly what Aaliyah does! Aaliyah uses her fingers and tongue to coax an orgasm from deep within Cherie, just in time for her dad to walk in and catch them naked!
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Date added: 2021-09-20 Length: 00:32:17 Rating:
Like 194
Dislike 16
Comments: 26
Description : Nicole Aria comes in for her massage appointment. However, it turns out that her scheduled masseuse is Bella Rolland, her ex-girlfriend. Bella offers to find another masseuse so things won't get awkward, and asks her straight colleague, Kenna James, to replace her as Nicole's masseuse. Kenna is happy to help, and agrees to do it. With that settled, Nicole is introduced to Kenna in the private massage room. Nicole strips down for the massage, and Kenna begins working on her.

Back in the massage parlor's lobby, Bella tries to remain professional, working at the front desk. But due to jealousy, she makes up an excuse to justify spying on the massage. She sneaks up to the door of the massage room, and opens the door a bit so she can observe as Kenna slowly and sensually massages Nicole. They are both unaware that Bella is watching, and that she's getting so turned on by the sight that she's starting to masturbate as she watches them.

Eventually, Nicole starts to flirt with Kenna, who surprisingly likes it. Kenna wonders if maybe she's not so straight after all, and Nicole offers to help her figure that out. Nicole and Kenna start making out, but then Bella suddenly has an outburst, saying that SHE should be the one having sex with Nicole. Nicole and Kenna are startled by Bella's presence, and it becomes clear that Bella isn't completely over Nicole. Naturally, the solution to this is a threesome! They all strip down, and make good use of the massage table so they can taste and touch each other everywhere. It looks like they don't have to worry about awkwardness anymore!
Date added: 2021-09-16 Length: 00:33:38 Rating:
Like 88
Dislike 8
Comments: 4
Description : Masseuse Nickey Huntsman is in the lobby behind the reception desk when Charles Dera enters. She greets him. Charles seems angry as he tells Nickey that he found out that his son received something called a NURU massage. Charles demands to know what a NURU massage is.

Nickey explains that it is an erotic gel massage and Charles' eyes go wide. He insists that his son is a good boy and would NEVER get something like that. Nickey tells Charles that his son specifically requested a NURU massage.

Charles is shocked, insisting that the masseuse must've tempted him to accept a NURU massage. Nickey offers to give Charles a NURU massage, so he can see firsthand what it is. Charles begrudgingly accepts.

Nickey brings Charles to the private room and has both of them strip down. She then gives Charles a NURU massage and Charles is shocked that his son even knew about it, given how erotic it is. Despite his misgivings, it's obvious that Charles is getting caught up in the eroticism of the massage and is beginning to enjoy himself.

Charles may have come into the parlor in a bad mood, but he's DEFINITELY not going to leave that way!
Date added: 2021-09-10 Length: 00:31:46 Rating:
Like 61
Dislike 8
Comments: 3
Description : Leah Winters and Dante Colle are relaxing at home when a parcel arrives. They accept it without question, thinking it's something they've ordered. But when they actually open the parcel and discover NURU gel, they quickly realize they accidentally have someone else's parcel! Although they insist that they're going to return it, their curiosity gets the best of them as they further explore the box and its contents.

They are SHOCKED when they actually read the instructions for the gel, realizing the sexual nature of the massage product. Although they try to resist temptation, they can't hide the fact that they're both turned on. Since the parcel's already been opened, they can't really return it now, so they may as well have fun trying out a NURU massage for themselves!
Date added: 2021-09-06 Length: 00:38:28 Rating:
Like 296
Dislike 15
Comments: 25
Description : Eliza Ibarra, a massage therapist, gives a warm welcome to Gabbie Carter, who has arrived for an appointment. Gabbie says that her legs are sore, and wonders what treatment is best for her. Eliza suggests several massage options, but Gabbie admits that she's having trouble choosing from so many unfamiliar massage types. Gabbie asks if Eliza has a particular recommendation, and Eliza says that the bolster massage would be great for her. Gabbie eagerly agrees to give it a try.

They enter the private massage room, which is a peaceful sanctuary with soothing music. Gabbie undresses and lies down on her back on the massage table, with the bolster lifting her thighs. Eliza slowly and sensually massages Gabbie's beautiful thighs, then moves the bolster further down so that she can give Gabbie's calves and feet some attention. She massages Gabbie's upper body as well, including her curvy breasts.

Eventually, Gabbie turns over so that she's lying down on her front, with the bolster lifting her gorgeous ass. Eliza's skilled hands lavish lots of attention upon Gabbie's butt and legs. After some time, Gabbie gratefully says that the massage feels amazing. Eliza suggestively offers to help her feel even better, and Gabbie accepts. Eliza rubs Gabbie's pussy and licks her asshole, and eventually she undresses for further pleasure, including getting her own turn on the bolster. Looks like the bolster massage is indeed the perfect treatment!
Date added: 2021-09-02 Length: 00:45:24 Rating:
Like 141
Dislike 11
Comments: 6
Description : Codey Steele arrives for his regular massage, but it happens to be his birthday that day. He is dismayed when the receptionist tells him that his regular masseuse is unavailable. Codey is told that a replacement masseuse has been arranged.

When Codey goes into the massage room, he is surprised to see his girlfriend, Skylar Snow, dressed as a masseuse. She explains that, as a birthday surprise, she has been taking massage lessons and will be taking the place of his masseuse.

Codey is touched by Skylar's thoughtfulness and effort, elated that she has gone to all this trouble. Skylar invites him to strip and lie face down on the mat, which he eagerly does. When he notices that Skylar is also stripping, he is again excited but puzzled. Not that he's complaining, but why is SHE getting naked? That doesn't happen at his regular massages.

Skylar explains that as an EXTRA surprise, he won't just be getting his regular massage - she'll be giving him a NURU massage. She playfully adds that - because of his search history - she knows he's always been interested in getting one. But she also knows him well enough to know that he would never actually get one because he didn't want to be unfaithful to her. This is finally his chance to experience a NURU massage.

Codey jokes that it pays not to clear his search history, but he is also extremely grateful and excited.

Codey happily surrenders himself to the full NURU experience, as Skylar slides her perfect body on him. He flips over midway through and she body slides on his front side.

He loves the treatment he is getting, mentioning that Skylar's lessons have paid off - she's amazing!

Eventually, Codey can't help but get a boner. Skylar gets a naughty look in her eyes. Slipping her hand around Codey's cock, she suggests that they have sex, right then and there. Excited by the thrill of public sex, Codey agrees.

Looks like it's DEFINITELY a happy birthday for Codey!
Date added: 2021-08-27 Length: 00:33:04 Rating:
Like 143
Dislike 31
Comments: 11
Description : Michael Vegas and Kayla Paige are thrilled when their future daughter-in-law, Chloe Cherry, visits, meeting her in person for the first time. They are excited to have her join the family, though as Michael chats with Chloe, Kayla starts to notice... signs... that he's attracted to her!

Kayla takes Michael aside, playfully scolding him for having the hots for their son's future wife. But instead of being mad, Kayla seems to be turned on by it. In fact, she has an idea for bringing Michael and Chloe together so that he can get a chance to get frisky.

Once Chloe returns, Kayla convinces her to get a free NURU massage with Michael, at the massage parlor that Kayla owns. It'd be a great way for Chloe to take all the stress off from the wedding and get to know them a little better. Although Chloe's a little flustered, she agrees, unable to turn down such goodwill.

A few days later, Michael and Chloe are waiting in the lobby of the massage parlor when Kayla comes out and says that there's been a scheduling mix-up, so the two of them will have to be massaged in the same room. Not only that, but this room only has one mattress, so they'll have to share that, too! Of course, Kayla and Michael both know this is a blatant lie but Chloe is oblivious andgoes along with the change of plans.

After they all strip, Kayla gives them both a sensual NURU massage as they lie next to each other -- naked -- on a mattress, and it doesn't take long for things to heat up. Even Chloe, who is shyer and reserved, starts to become consumed by lust... Now that Chloe's onboard, it's time for the REAL fun to begin!
Date added: 2021-08-23 Length: 00:42:09 Rating:
Like 234
Dislike 15
Comments: 32
Description : Alex Coal, a massage therapist, welcomes her next client, Sophia West, a lovely housewife, into the massage parlor. Sophia made an appointment that day to get some help with her sore back, which is really bothering her. Alex is pleased to help her and the massage soon gets underway.

But as Alex glides her hands along Sophia's naked body, working out the knots, Sophia admits that her back is so sore because her husband makes her do all the housework. Although Alex tries to be professional, she can't help interjecting on Sophia's behalf, commenting that Sophia's husband doesn't seem very considerate. However, Sophia brushes this off, insisting that this is just how marriages are.

Undeterred, Alex insists that there are MANY kinds of relationships out there and that Sophia doesn't have to settle for a man who doesn't treat her right. For example, Sophia's a lesbian and couldn't be happier!

Despite being initially standoffish about the matter, Sophia gradually starts to see the light. But when Alex offers her a chance to let loose and have a bit of fun to experience what it's like to be truly taken care of, Sophia's still a little hesitant. Yet, when Alex's hands start to wander further south, Sophia gets warmer and warmer...

Maybe it IS time to try something new!
Date added: 2021-08-13 Length: 00:31:42 Rating:
Like 113
Dislike 26
Comments: 5
Description : Kyler Quinn, an intelligent young masseuse-in-training, is learning the ropes from Troy Francisco, an experienced massage therapist. As he praises her for how well her training's been coming along so far, he confidently decides that it's time to see how she handles giving a NURU massage -- the most sensual of all massages. And what better way for her to comfortably learn than to practice on him?

Despite the praise, Kyler's a little nervous and shy about practicing on Troy since he's her coworker. But with a little more encouragement from Troy, Kyler's ready to try giving a NURU massage for the first time.

At first, Kyler is a little unsure of herself as they both strip down and she grabs the oil. When Troy notices her nerves, he soothingly tells her that she knows her stuff and should just trust her instincts -- don't overthink it! His kindness and faith in her sparks new confidence for Kyler... and the calming massage is about to get a whole lot steamier!
Date added: 2021-08-02 Length: 00:22:24 Rating:
Like 138
Dislike 56
Comments: 40
Description : Kali Roses is lounging in the living room on her phone when her roommate Aria Banks arrives home. Aria looks exhausted and has a gym bag with her. Kali cheerfully greets Aria as Aria complains about how sore she is from the gym, adding that her trainer worked her out HARD.

Kali offers Aria a massage, which she accepts after a moment of hesitation.

Aria joins Kali on the couch. Kali begins massaging Aria's shoulders, turning it into a lengthy massage. Aria eventually relaxes, moaning about how GOOD Kali's hands feel. Kali is a bit flustered, liking the attention. Meanwhile, Aria seems to be getting more and more swept away in the massage, closing her eyes in pleasure.

As the massage progresses, with the tension mounting, Kali asks Aria to take off her clothes, so that she can massage her with more ease. Aria agrees.

With Kali massaging her naked body, Aria accidentally lets it slip that she is getting aroused and is embarrassed. She apologizes, thinking she might freak Kali out. There's general confusion as they both admit to thinking the other's straight, although this isn't the case.

Now that THAT'S been cleared up, it's time for these ladies to have some fun!
Date added: 2021-07-19 Length: 00:30:21 Rating:
Like 140
Dislike 23
Comments: 23
Description : Two friends, Maddy May and Coco Lovelock, are hanging out together, catching up and gossiping about their love lives. But as they chat, Coco admits that she hasn't been all that fulfilled with sex lately, thought seems reluctant to share exactly why. After some coaxing by Maddy, Coco admits that she wants to be tickled but that her partners won't do it!

Maddy is confused at first but Coco goes on to explain how sensual and erotic tickling can be. Although Maddy tries to understand the appeal, it doesn't quite click with her but that's okay! All she knows for sure is that it's NOT fun being sexually frustrated... and she's more than happy to try and give Coco the sensual experience she's been craving.

It starts with a massage as Maddy lets her fingers do all the tickling. But as Coco gradually becomes aroused, Maddy is even more intrigued and soon breaks out other items to help give even more tantalizing sensations during the massage. As she traces hairbrushes and scarves along Coco's flushed skin, watching her squirm with pleasure, Maddy finally starts to get it... and now she wants more!
Date added: 2021-07-16 Length: 00:32:34 Rating:
Like 131
Dislike 5
Comments: 9
Description : Khloe Kapri, a young masseuse-in-training, is learning how to do NURU massages from Ryan Keely, an experienced masseuse. They have a client, Derrick Pierce, along with them, who Khloe will practice on under Ryan's supervision. But as Khloe sneaks Derrick lustful, appreciative little looks, it seems she has more on her mind than just massaging Derrick...

As Khloe and Derrick strip down, Ryan oversees them. But each time Ryan gets distracted, Khloe becomes anything but professional as she tries to get a rise out of Derrick. She rubs her naked, slippery body sensually all over Derrick's while caressing his cock and giving him sultry stares. While Derrick is stunned, he is also very much enjoying the experience, so he doesn't give her away.

But the longer this goes on, right under Ryan's nose without her knowing, the more frustrated Ryan becomes -- why does Derrick look even MORE tense and restless than when he arrived?? Finally Khloe slips up and Ryan sees EXACTLY what is happening, catching them both red-handed! That's when Ryan declares that she'll just have to join them in order to make sure Derrick really IS relaxed once and for all.
Date added: 2021-07-05 Length: 00:38:23 Rating:
Like 230
Dislike 26
Comments: 21
Description : Alex Coal is sitting at the dining room table in front of her laptop, wearing earbuds that are connected to the laptop. She types quickly, with purpose. It's clear that she's a very busy woman. Her wife, Jezabel Vessir, walks up behind her and lovingly slips her arms around Alex. Alex gives a half-glance back, pleasantly but distractedly greeting Jezabel. Alex is immersed in her work. Jezabel asks Alex if she's eaten lunch yet, offering to make Alex something. Alex politely declines, insisting that she'll eat later.

Jezabel notices that Alex's posture is bad and offers to give her a shoulder rub. Alex initially declines, since she has a video call starting soon, but eventually agrees.

Jezabel begins to rub Alex's shoulders as Alex continues to work, typing on the laptop. Even though Alex is very tense and initially not into the massage, it doesn't take long for Jezabel's hands to start to relax her. Jezabel continues to rub Alex's shoulders as Alex gets more and more into it, becoming distracted from her typing.

Jezabel then seems to get an idea. She mentions that Alex's legs must get sore from sitting in that chair all day.

Jezabel slips under the table to massage Alex's legs, starting with the lower part of Alex's legs and slowly working her way upwards towards Alex's thighs. Alex seems to like this very much, mentioning that she never even REALIZED how tense her legs were until now.

Noticing how worked up Alex is becoming, Jezabel gets a mischievous look in her eyes, gently pulling apart Alex's legs and slipping her panties off. Jezabel begins to lick Alex's pussy. Alex gasps, completely caught up in the moment.

Even though she likes it, Alex frets that her call is going to start at any second. Jezabel insists that no one will know since she is under the table. The call starts. Jezabel continues eating Alex's pussy as Alex does her best to hide her gasps and moans of pleasure from her unsuspecting colleagues.

But WILL Alex be able to hold it together??