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My Step-son
Tyler just loves to screw with his new step-mom Nina Elle. His Dad has been dating her for ages, and they never really got along, but he knows just how to fuck with her. No pun intended. When he shows up to the Spa where she works asking for a massage, she's the only one there to give it, and promises there will be no happy ending! Like a good son he agrees, but things heat up quickly when she sees him in the buck and can't keep from watching him. He gets a big boner and she can't resist not playing with it. Trying to stay professional she leads him to the bath. Not long after she finds herself wanting him even more. When he complains about her bra hurting him, she finally lets loose her beautiful tits and before long they're fucking like they've been dreaming about this for years!
Her Wandering Hands
Aaliyah Love's dad recently married a new woman, Cherie Deville. As old as she is her dad is still the old protective stiff he's always been. He hopes that her new step-mom will be welcomed graciously by his daughter, and that they can get along like friends, but Aaliyah has other plans. Aaliyah's plan starts with a massage, but it goes much further. Soon, she has Cherie slipping out of her cute dress, and before long she has a firm grip on Cherie's round ass. Aaliyah purposefully gets an oil stain on her shirt so she can take it off, in order to slide her naked body against her new mommy's oily back. Cherie clearly enjoys the rubbing Aaliyah gives her pussy, but makes sure to point out that it's inappropriate to get fresh! Of course that's exactly what Aaliyah does! Aaliyah uses her fingers and tongue to coax an orgasm from deep within Cherie, just in time for her dad to walk in and catch them naked!
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Date added: 2022-12-05 Length: 00:32:09 Rating:
Like 129
Dislike 31
Comments: 17
Description : Hazel Paige, a bride-to-be, is brought into a massage parlor by her friend. As they meet with Alexia Anders, who is the masseuse for the day, the friend slyly tells Alexia that she wants Hazel to have an EXTRA special session that day to take ALL the stress off. Alexia catches her drift immediately and soon encourages Hazel, who is blissfully unaware, to strip down.

After the friend takes her leave, Alexia gets to work massaging Hazel from head to toe. Hazel is beyond relaxed as she melts into the massage table. Once Alexia starts rubbing oil all over Hazel's body, things get a bit steamy as Alexia's touches start to become all the more sensual.

Hazel becomes startled and flustered, pulling back. Alexia instantly becomes apologetic, though Hazel quickly insists that it felt good -- it's just that she's never been touched that way by a woman before. That's when Hazel decides that now's the best time to get in a new experience before the wedding ring goes on!
Date added: 2022-11-28 Length: 00:29:13 Rating:
Like 81
Dislike 19
Comments: 5
Description : Leo Vice marches into the massage parlor, an excited grin on his face. He's got a gift voucher for a free Nuru massage, given to him as a present from his dear, old uncle. Ryan Keely, the massage therapist on duty, looks over the voucher. It seems like it was JUST about to expire, so Leo's timing is perfect. Ryan grins and assures Leo that she will take very good care of him, especially since this is his FIRST Nuru massage. He's in for QUITE a treat, whether he knows it or not...

Ryan runs Leo through the ins and outs of the massage, giving him a general overview of what to expect, and then invites him to strip down with her and get started. They chat casually as they strip, and Leo shoots a quick peek at Ryan's ass as she lowers her bottoms. Leo then lies down on his front and Ryan climbs on top of him. She drizzles the Nuru gel onto herself, letting it drip from her breasts and onto Leo's back. She starts gliding over his back sensually, the gel glistening on her soft skin.

By the time Leo has flipped onto his back, he's clearly getting aroused. Ryan notices and grins flirtily. Leo watches in awe as her breasts cup his cock and glide up his torso, almost touching his face. Ryan performs various massage techniques, with every movement focusing more and more on Leo's hard cock. She then pours some gel onto her feet and gives him an incredible foot job, followed by some mind-blowing oral. It isn't long before Ryan maneuvres his cock into her tight pussy, and they have slippery, wet sex on the mattress. Leo better thank his uncle tenfold the next time he sees him because this massage was certainly a treat for the ages!
Date added: 2022-11-21 Length: 00:36:45 Rating:
Like 188
Dislike 16
Comments: 18
Description : Kira Noir answers the door and is greeted by a masseuse, Victoria Voxxx, who has come to Kira's place for an in-home massage. Kira is excited, especially since Victoria was recommended to her by a friend, so she's sure she's going to have a GREAT massage.

Once the sensual massage is underway, it isn't long before Victoria completely strips down to REALLY get in deep. Overflowing with pleasure, Kira can now see why Victoria came so highly recommended!
Date added: 2022-11-14 Length: 00:39:51 Rating:
Like 113
Dislike 22
Comments: 5
Description : It's a beautiful day at the parlor as Maya Woulfe gets the room ready for her next massage client, John Legendary. When John arrives, they shake hands and exchange pleasantries. It's revealed that John has booked his first-ever NURU massage and he's super excited to give it a shot! Funnily enough, it's Maya's first time GIVING a NURU massage. He's the first client she'll be testing her NURU skills on, and she hopes she'll be able to give John exactly what he desires.

Maya first explains how they'll both need to get totally naked for the massage- they'll be using some special gel on each other and she wouldn't want to get it on his nice clothes. John is taken aback- he had no idea he'd have to get naked. But hey, why not? They both start peeling off their clothes, shooting sneaky looks at each other's bodies as they do. Once they're both in the nude, John lies down on his stomach and gets ready for his first NURU experience.

Maya begins by pouring the NURU gel all over herself as she straddles John's back between her thighs. She then starts gliding over his back, pressing her breasts and belly against his skin. John comments on how great it feels- it seems like Maya is doing an incredible job for a first-timer. John then flips onto his back and lets Maya glide over his front, which leads to him getting hard as a rock. They may be beginners at NURU, but that doesn't mean they aren't experienced in other things... Maya and John have slippery, playful sex on the mat and love every second of it. Is it beginner's luck? Perhaps. Or maybe these two newbies are just perfect for each other!
Date added: 2022-11-07 Length: 00:34:17 Rating:
Like 241
Dislike 21
Comments: 14
Description : Bella Rolland LOVES getting regular massages from multiple gorgeous masseuses. Today when she arrives at the parlor, she meets yet another stunning masseuse, Lumi Ray, and just can't wait to strip down to feel Lumi's hands all over her. With Lumi only having been on the job a couple of weeks now, she's nice and fresh...

As the sensual massage begins, Bella can hardly contain her excitement, especially once Lumi breaks out the bolster. Once Bella eagerly drapes herself over it, the atmosphere starts to grow steamy as tension builds between them. It looks like it's time for the newbie masseuse to REALLY get hands-on!
Date added: 2022-10-24 Length: 00:30:51 Rating:
Like 79
Dislike 12
Comments: 3
Description : Sonia Harcourt and Brad Newman are relaxing on the couch after a busy morning. Their teens shouldn't be back for a while and they'll be ordering in instead of cooking this evening, so they pretty much have the whole afternoon to themselves. But before they have too much fun, Brad wants to take a moment to share with Sonia a major financial decision he's recently taken that will affect their family. He's decided to reinvest some of the capital from their farm into a brand new venture: Nuru gel!

Sonia listens carefully as Brad explains why he believes the Nuru business is a sound investment, explaining the ins and outs of the product and how he believes it'll be a recession-proof source of income for them. 'Is it REALLY recession-proof?' Sonia asks, 'is it THAT good?'. Brad assures her that it is, and if his instincts are correct, this could be VERY lucrative for their family. Why don't he and Sonia test out the Nuru gel together right now and see how she likes it? Sonia agrees.

Brad shows Sonia some of the gel, and she immediately comments on its strange but alluring composition. She's excited to try it out, so she and Brad both get totally naked and Sonia starts pouring the gel over her body as she sits on Brad's back. She starts gliding over his body, her breasts and thighs gliding over his muscled body. She loves everything about this gel, from the way it feels on her body to the sexual sensations it's awakening in her. It's not long before she and Brad decide to take their massage to another level. They have playful, slippery sex, putting an end to any further questions regarding the viability of their Nuru fund.
Date added: 2022-10-17 Length: 00:31:33 Rating:
Like 280
Dislike 15
Comments: 16
Description : Spencer Bradley arrives at a wellness center where she has an appointment with a masseuse, Andi Rose. Spencer hints that she's interested in the 'Word of Mouth Special', and Andi says that she's happy to give Spencer special attention in any area where she's tense.

After Spencer disrobes and lies down on the massage table, Andi starts to give her a massage that focuses on her lower back, buttocks, and thighs, since that's where Spencer seems to be the most tense. Spencer hints that she was hoping for a special that goes a bit... deeper than that.

Andi says she has something that will help, and takes out a bolster. She uses the bolster to raise up Spencer's posterior and then goes back to massaging her, giving Spencer's ass plenty of attention. Spencer hints again about the special, trying to check if Andi knows what she's referring to. Andi finally stops dragging out the suspense and playfully kisses Spencer's butt cheek, then begins eating out her pussy. It's time for the best part of the massage to begin...
Date added: 2022-10-07 Length: 00:33:32 Rating:
Like 111
Dislike 20
Comments: 10
Description : A masseuse, Sophia Burns, welcomes her newest client, Michael Vegas. This is Michael's first time getting a NURU massage, so Sophia shows him the bowl of gel she'll be using. Michael is intrigued, saying that he and his partner like to recommend good massage places to each other, and according to Michael's partner, Sophia's massage parlor is the best place by far. Sophia is flattered, and invites Michael to strip down and get onto the massage mattress.

Once they're both naked, Sophia applies the gel to Michael's body and begins the massage, using first her hands and then her elbow to work out the worst of the tension in Michael's muscles. Once Michael is less tense, Sophia moves on to the next phase of the massage, pressing her naked body against him and sensually sliding up and down.

Eventually, Sophia says that Michael's hard cock clearly needs to release tension as well, so she gets to work on that, massaging his cock with her hands, then her breasts... and then her pussy.
Date added: 2022-10-03 Length: 00:27:55 Rating:
Like 138
Dislike 26
Comments: 8
Description : Jupiter Jetson has been training her parlor's newest masseuse, Victoria Voxxx, over the last few months and she's been doing splendidly. She's been doing so well, in fact, that Jupiter feels it's time to teach her her SPECIAL massage. Victoria strips off her masseuse uniform and undergarments. She then climbs onto the massage table face down, sliding her hips over a bolster that makes her ass arch up. Jupiter pours some oil onto Victoria's back and starts rubbing it in, making Victoria feel immediately relaxed.

As Jupiter massages Victoria, she explains why and how she does certain things in an attempt to properly train Victoria in the nuances of this particular technique. Victoria listens attentively, though can't ignore the waves of relaxation that are washing across her body as her mentor works her nimble fingers into the valleys of her muscles and knots. Jupiter pays special attention to Victoria's ass, commenting on how nice and firm it is to the touch. Victoria giggles, flattered by the compliment.

Jupiter then finally introduces Victoria to her 'special' massage. She takes off her top and pours oil over her bosom. She then gently begins to run her nipples against Victoria's skin, tickling her body from her neck to her toes. Her nipples even go in between Victoria's asscheeks, which causes her to moan with delight. Jupiter then starts to spread Victoria's cheeks with her hands, peering down into her ass and pussy. 'This doesn't feel like a massage,' Victoria says with a hint of hesitant arousal. But Jupiter assures her this is something she offers to only her most prized clients... and now her. Victoria can't deny the immense pleasure she is feeling and accepts Jupiter's advances. They have playful, energetic sex, with Victoria feeling amazed at just how much she is learning today.
Date added: 2022-09-19 Length: 00:33:00 Rating:
Like 142
Dislike 47
Comments: 12
Description : Sonia Harcourt arrives at a house for a scheduled massage appointment with her client Kelly but is surprised to be greeted by Kaiia Eve instead. Kaiia's here watching Kelly's cats, and Kelly won't be back until probably much later, or even the following day. Sonia's a bit anxious, Kelly hires her every two weeks and they WERE supposed to have an appointment now... maybe Kelly forgot and didn't let Sonia know? It's certainly an awkward situation.

Since Sonia doesn't have a refund policy, she asks Kaiia if she'd be willing to go through the massage instead. Sonia came all the way here, and since it's already paid for, Kaiia might as well grab it while it's hot. Kaiia thinks it over and figures why not. She invites Sonia inside and lets her set up in the living room. Sonia strips naked and lies on the massage table, her ass elevated by a bolster that Sonia has placed there.

Sonia begins pouring oil over Kaiia's back and works her hands into her knots and kinks. Kaiia immediately starts to loosen up, loving every single movement of Sonia's experienced hands. They chat throughout the massage and grow fonder of each other with each passing moment. Before long, sparks seem to fly between them and they start flirting with each other. When Sonia gets down to Kaiia's amazing ass, it's clear she wants more. Kaiia's ready and willing to let Sonia get to know her even better, so Sonia spreads her cheeks and starts rimming her. Soon enough, they proceed to have playful and sensual sex on the massage table. Too bad for Kelly- she's missed quite the massage today, but as they say: if you snooze, you lose!
Date added: 2022-09-16 Length: 00:36:29 Rating:
Like 274
Dislike 19
Comments: 13
Description : A masseuse, Octavia Red, is visited by David Lee, a friend of her sibling. Octavia is happy to see that David is finally taking her up on her offer of giving him a massage. He seems a bit nervous, but Octavia assures him that the massage will be very relaxing. She leads David into a private room, where she invites him to strip down. As Octavia also removes her clothes, David is stunned and aroused by her naked body, though Octavia doesn't show any interest in return.

Octavia gives David a sensual NURU massage, sliding her naked body along his. She's professional and keeping things platonic, although David is obviously trying not to show how turned on he is. Eventually, David becomes too flustered to hold back anymore, and admits that the reason why he had to wait so long before getting a massage was because Octavia's sibling doesn't want his friends seeing her.

Octavia is surprised as she learns that her sibling forbade his friends with crushes from visiting her. She's shocked by her sibling's immaturity, but then also realizes that it means David has a crush on her. David worries that he's made a fool of himself, but Octavia is receptive. In fact, since she's annoyed at her bratty sibling and wants to show him who's boss, she resumes the massage, making it more obviously sexual so it can lead to sex on her terms.
Date added: 2022-09-05 Length: 00:26:36 Rating:
Like 205
Dislike 31
Comments: 13
Description : It's Maria Kazi's birthday, and her friends were thoughtful enough to get her a full-body massage! She arrives at the parlour and is greeted by her masseuse, Nicole Aria. This is actually Maria's first time getting a massage, and she can't wait. Nicole assures her that she will do everything she can to ensure Maria has as relaxing and rejuvenating a birthday message as possible. She asks Maria to get fully undressed and then lie on the table.

As Maria strips her clothes off, Nicole can't help but sneak a few peeks at Maria's body, including her amazing ass cheeks and breasts. Maria lies on her front, and Nicole pours some warm oil over Maria's back and ass. Maria loves the feel of Nicole's hands on her skin as they rhythmically work on her knots and kinks. As the massage continues, Maria initiates a bit of small talk with Nicole. It's effortless, and they grow more comfortable with each other through each passing sentence uttered from their lips.

Nicole works her magic from Maria's shoulders down to her toes and heels. As she moves her hands back up Maria's body, she spends a bit more time massaging her ass, which makes Maria ask if this is supposed to be part of the service. Nicole reveals that Maria's friends got her a massage with a 'happy ending' to make her birthday extra special. Maria can't argue with how good it feels and lets Nicole explore every part of her body with her experienced hands. This leads to steamy sex on the massage table, making this one birthday Maria will remember for all time.