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My Step-son
Tyler just loves to screw with his new step-mom Nina Elle. His Dad has been dating her for ages, and they never really got along, but he knows just how to fuck with her. No pun intended. When he shows up to the Spa where she works asking for a massage, she's the only one there to give it, and promises there will be no happy ending! Like a good son he agrees, but things heat up quickly when she sees him in the buck and can't keep from watching him. He gets a big boner and she can't resist not playing with it. Trying to stay professional she leads him to the bath. Not long after she finds herself wanting him even more. When he complains about her bra hurting him, she finally lets loose her beautiful tits and before long they're fucking like they've been dreaming about this for years!
Her Wandering Hands
Aaliyah Love's dad recently married a new woman, Cherie Deville. As old as she is her dad is still the old protective stiff he's always been. He hopes that her new step-mom will be welcomed graciously by his daughter, and that they can get along like friends, but Aaliyah has other plans. Aaliyah's plan starts with a massage, but it goes much further. Soon, she has Cherie slipping out of her cute dress, and before long she has a firm grip on Cherie's round ass. Aaliyah purposefully gets an oil stain on her shirt so she can take it off, in order to slide her naked body against her new mommy's oily back. Cherie clearly enjoys the rubbing Aaliyah gives her pussy, but makes sure to point out that it's inappropriate to get fresh! Of course that's exactly what Aaliyah does! Aaliyah uses her fingers and tongue to coax an orgasm from deep within Cherie, just in time for her dad to walk in and catch them naked!
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Date added: 2021-12-06 Length: 00:42:48 Rating:
Like 110
Dislike 14
Comments: 12
Description : A masseuse (Sheena Ryder) is wondering why her next massage client is late. When the client (Ailee Anne) finally arrives, she is soaking wet and miserable. Ailee apologizes for being late, explaining that she got caught in the rain. Sheena is immediately sympathetic and concerned, offering additional treatments to the standard massage to help Ailee warm up. Ailee graciously accepts, stripping out of her wet clothes.

After using a towel to dry herself off, Ailee lies down on the massage table. Sheena offers a hot stone treatment to help warm Ailee up, which first requires a warming gel to prepare her. After putting the gel on Ailee's back, Sheena places the hot stones on Ailee's back and legs, helping her to feel warm and relaxed.

Sheena then proceeds with the hot stone treatment, massaging Ailee by rubbing the stones along her lovely body, including using the stones to massage her beautiful ass. Ailee feels even more warm and relaxed, with hints of being aroused. Sheena, receptive to the hints and wanting Ailee to be as comfortable as possible, suggests a happy ending. Ailee agrees, so Sheena makes the massage more sexual by massaging Ailee's pussy, then turning her over to massage her breasts. Eventually, Sheena starts using her tongue on Ailee's pussy, then strips out of her masseuse uniform so they can take things further. This is going to warm up Ailee for sure!
Date added: 2021-12-03 Length: 00:35:15 Rating:
Like 74
Dislike 14
Comments: 11
Description : Gia Derza is visited by her landlord, Evan Stone. They're friendly towards each other, but Evan firmly says they need to talk. Evan tells Gia that he suspects she's running a business from her apartment, which goes against the terms of her lease. Gia admits that she offers NURU massage services from the apartment, and Evan tells her she has to stop or risk being evicted. Gia gets flirty and tries to sweet talk him into letting her continue the business, but Evan isn't convinced. However, there are hints of attraction from Evan.

Gia then changes tactics and sweet talks him into accepting a massage to de-stress. Evan is hesitant but is eventually talked into it, unable to resist Gia. She becomes more flirty as she says that they have to undress for the massage, because they wouldn't want to get NURU gel all over their clothes. Evan is obviously attracted to her and does so, while she strips down as well. Evan then lies down on the massage mattress, and Gia massages his back.

Gia then asks Evan to turn over so she can massage his front, and he becomes aroused. She jumps on this opportunity to win him over, sucking on his cock and rubbing her breasts against him, and he enjoys every minute of it. As he eagerly pounds his cock into her, it becomes clear that Gia's not going to be evicted after all!
Date added: 2021-11-26 Length: 00:33:35 Rating:
Like 84
Dislike 8
Comments: 7
Description : A husband and wife, Derrick Pierce and Casey Calvert, have recently come into some money because of an inheritance from a family member. It's not enough money to retire, but it's still a very nice amount, so they wonder what they should do with it. Derrick suggests that they start their own business, which Casey thinks is a great idea. They can be their own bosses, and make the money grow.

They try to decide what kind of business they should open. Casey suggests a coffee shop, but Derrick points out that there are so many coffee shops out there already. Derrick jokingly remarks that Casey is good at giving him massages, so maybe they should open a massage parlor. They laugh it off, but then start to seriously consider it, especially since they could make their parlor really stand out by having Casey give NURU massages.

Feeling energized and affectionate, they decide to do a 'test run' NURU massage, which is just an excuse for them to get frisky. They lovingly kiss, and then Casey sets up the massage mattress and a bowl of NURU gel. They happily undress each other, and then Casey slowly and sensually massages Derrick, as they gradually become more confident about their business idea. Feeling celebratory, the massage turns sexual, with Casey sucking and riding Derrick's cock, and Derrick eating out her pussy. It's a happy ending to celebrate their new beginning!
Date added: 2021-11-22 Length: 00:28:26 Rating:
Like 272
Dislike 14
Comments: 21
Description : Jenna Sativa, a masseuse and owner of a massage parlor, is talking to a friend on her cellphone. She says that her parlor is under suspicion of 'presumed sexual shenanigans' with her clients, so she'll have to stop getting frisky with clients... even though that's her favorite thing to do!

After ending the phone call, the masseuse solemnly vows that she will NEVER have sex with a client again. But when a beautiful new client, Jenna Foxx, enters the parlor for her massage appointment, the masseuse realizes this will be easier said than done.

As soon as the client strips down, the air is sucked out of the masseuse's lungs, and she has to remind herself of her sacred vow. But once the masseuse rubs her hands all over her client's sexy body -- AND learns that the client is feeling lonely -- that vow will just have to wait until AFTER today!
Date added: 2021-11-19 Length: 00:39:37 Rating:
Like 114
Dislike 10
Comments: 5
Description : It's lust at first sight for two masseuse colleagues, Victoria Voxxx and Aiden Ashley, when they lay their eyes on an attractive male client, Nathan Bronson. After vying to see who is the lucky one who gets to massage him, Aiden wins out and takes him aside into a private room to begin the massage. It's not long before she eagerly strips down and oils them up so that she can begin body sliding.

But Victoria is determined NOT to let Aiden claim her prize too easily, and sets about making excuses to get Aiden out of the room so that SHE can massage Nathan. As soon as Aiden is out the door, Victoria also strips down and takes over the massage, rubbing her naked body all over Nathan's.

Pretty soon, BOTH mischievous masseuses are in and out of the room as they make phony excuses to get some time with the client. But when they finally realize that they're both trying to fool the other, they decide that rather than waste their energy competing, they might as well just SHARE Nathan!
Date added: 2021-11-12 Length: 00:31:19 Rating:
Like 89
Dislike 20
Comments: 8
Description : Jessica Ryan is on the phone with her husband, discussing the romantic night they have ahead, when the husband says he's going out with friends instead. Jessica is hurt and angry, unable to believe that her husband would choose his buddies over her, especially since she has a whole evening planned. She's already naked and was going to give him a NURU massage!

That's when Michael Vegas, Jessica's neighbor, arrives unannounced to borrow a lawnmower. He's shocked when he finds Jessica stark naked instead, though Jessica is flustered as she explains that her husband stood her up. Michael quickly gets over being shocked as he remarks that her husband is an IDIOT for standing her up.

These charged words create an unexpected spark between them. Jessica, bitter towards her husband and caught up in the moment, comes onto Michael, offering to give HIM the sexy massage instead!
Date added: 2021-11-05 Length: 00:36:25 Rating:
Like 77
Dislike 13
Comments: 4
Date added: 2021-11-01 Length: 00:36:06 Rating:
Like 201
Dislike 22
Comments: 18
Description : Adira Allure is relaxing when her roommate, Kayla Paige, comes home. As they chat, it's revealed that Kayla is a masseuse and that she's had a busy day at work. Because of it, her hands are killing her!

That's when Adira gets an idea, offering to give Kayla a hand massage to help ease her pain. After all, she's so lucky to get free massages all the time from Kayla... so now it's HER turn to take care of Kayla! Of course, although Kayla doesn't yet seem to notice, there are hints that Adira isn't purely doing this for platonic reasons.

As the massage continues, moving from the hands up to Kayla's arms and shoulders, heat slowly builds between them until Adira finally makes a move on Kayla, revealing that she has a crush. Although Kayla is surprised and unsure at first, she soon admits that SHE has a crush on Adira, too. It seems as though both of them were too afraid to ruin their friendship. But now it finally has a chance to blossom into something more as they take care of each other in more ways than one...
Date added: 2021-10-29 Length: 00:35:15 Rating:
Like 153
Dislike 11
Comments: 6
Description : Dante Colle and his wife Charly Summer are disappointed when a pregnancy test they took comes back negative. They've been trying to start a family for so long, but with no luck. Dante cheers Charly up, insisting that they'll keep trying.

Charly then tells Dante about something she heard from a friend - there's an erotic massage called NURU, and her friend claims that it can help couples get pregnant. Although slightly incredulous, Dante agrees that they should give it a try. The next day - after having researched NURU online - they have set up the NURU mattress and supplies. They are nervously excited to begin the massage.

Charly puts NURU gel on her breasts, and begins sliding her body against Dante's. They start to enjoy this new activity, and the massage becomes more sensual and erotic. Eventually, Charly caresses and sucks on Dante's cock, which they also both enjoy. But can the NURU massage really help Charly get pregnant? There's only one way to find out: Dante has to cum in her pussy.
Date added: 2021-10-22 Length: 00:30:45 Rating:
Like 71
Dislike 27
Comments: 3
Description : Alina Ali is lying in bed with her husband, cuddling before bed. As they chat, they get on the topic of 'hall passes' -- guilt-free opportunities to cheat. While the husband is open about who he'd choose to use his pass on, Alina is a bit more secretive... until she finally admits that she has a crush on a sexy client, Thrill, at the massage parlor.

Instead of being mad, the husband is excited as he encourages his wife to have some fun! Although Alina's not sure about it, now that she has permission to cheat, she suddenly can't stop thinking about Thrill...

A few days later, Alina is at work when Thrill arrives for his regular massage appointment. As they strip down and get ready for the massage, Alina can't help but think about that hall pass. Although she's very turned on by her sexy client, she's still a little conflicted. Can she REALLY take the leap?

But as she begins the massage, sliding her naked body slowly and sensually over Thrill's own, the heat steadily builds between them. Now she's seeing everything in a whole new light and is being driven wild with need. When she finally gets the courage to come onto Thrill, he's a bit hesitant... until he learns that Alina's husband has given them a hall pass! Now that Thrill knows he's an exception, how can he let such an opportunity for Alina go to waste??
Date added: 2021-10-21 Length: 00:48:37 Rating:
Like 402
Dislike 17
Comments: 42
Description : Kate Zoha is in need of some massage therapy but is hesitant because she's trans and HATES the additional hassle of explaining things when booking very personal services like massages. But when her friend tells her that a local massage parlor has hired a masseuse who's also trans, Kate is intrigued. She instantly makes an appointment with the new masseuse, Jade Venus, and has her fingers crossed that this massage experience will finally be a good one.

When Kate arrives for her massage and meets Jade, there is an instant sense of kinship between them. Immediately, Kate feels comfortable, overwhelmed by a huge sense of relief for being around someone who gets how complicated things can be sometimes. Of course, once Kate strips down and Jade begins sensually rubbing her hands all along her naked body, this sense of kinship starts to turn into something much more. There's a sexual tension and chemistry between these two women that CANNOT be ignored, and it looks like this is really going to be the best massage experience ever!
Date added: 2021-10-18 Length: 00:41:14 Rating:
Like 232
Dislike 23
Comments: 22
Description : Charlotte Stokely, a masseuse, is relaxing in her living room when she hears her doorbell. She goes to answer it and is greeted by a woman, Jamie Michelle, holding a garment bag. As they chat, it's revealed that they don`t know each other but that there's been a mix-up at the dry cleaners they both use. Jamie accidentally got Charlotte's clothes and vice-versa, so she wanted to be a good samaritan and drop off the right clothes!

Charlotte is very appreciative of Jamie's thoughtfulness, inviting her in. They get to talking and Charlotte points out how she noticed Jamie's garment bag has some nice lingerie in it. Jamie is a bit embarrassed, admitting that she's having it cleaned and stored since she's not getting much use out of it lately...

Even as Jamie says this, Charlotte notices just how tense Jamie is, perhaps secretly because of her dry spell. Since she's a masseuse, Charlotte offers to give Jamie a nice massage to help repay her for returning the clothes. Although Jamie's a bit flustered, she gives in and graciously accepts the kind offer.

As Charlotte gives Jamie a sensual massage, it doesn't take long for things to heat up. Now Charlotte is convinced that the dry spell is the true root of Jamie's tension, and there's only one way to take care of that!